Accounting, Finance & HR

Accounting, Finance & HR are just some areas of our diverse expertise and experience with business administration. We implement, analyze and report on budgets, forecasts and cash flow, perform ROI analysis, work with external auditors, facilitate domestic banking, international banking and merchant banking, analyze insurance policies and help with domestic tax and international tax planning and compliance. We operate as your in-house human resource leader or as advisor to current in-house talent. We embrace and enhance company culture, implement workplace policies and workplace procedures, perform necessary training and negotiate benefit programs.

Business Operations Consulting Services

Business Operations Consulting Services from a law firm – how can that be? As surprising as it may seem, we have extensive experience in operations and provide stellar, legally compliant, counsel and advice. We listen to you, spend time understanding your business and work as your trusted business partner to help you achieve your specific goals. We understand operations, business rules, business process, business workflow and segregation of duties, and enjoy helping you document and analyze potential efficiency gains as well as identity and mitigate risks.

Technology Strategy

The right Technology Strategy for an organization can be a huge differentiator. We embrace technology to drive business improvements and not simply to automate inefficient or outdated paper processes. We have a thorough, non-technical, understanding of relevant issues and enjoy working with technology infrastructure and development professionals. We direct software development teams and strive to transform a slow, specification intense, approach to a more agile process to enable quicker development and business responsiveness. We have a great team of business partners who can help you design, build and implement technology to mitigate risk and provide business gains.

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